Your Sounding Board©

Your Sounding Board is a no-nonsense, enlightening, and creative experience that collaboratively produces innovative and rational ideas, goals and objectives, and impactful results.

  • advance your business
  • enhance what is working
  • bust through barriers to achieve your goals and objectives.

24/7 Access

Have you awakened at 3am with a great idea and no one to talk to about it? Have you awakened at 3am because a nagging work problem is keeping you from a sound sleep? Do you wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of, to see if what you want to do can work, need someone to help sort through issues and problems? Want a reality check? What you need is Your Sounding Board©.

Your Sounding Board© is a conversational experience. It is not fancy; there are no bells and whistles. It is a common-sense, rational, thoughtful, and strategic approach to mapping out the future of your business. Your Sounding Board, Jan Baskin, will become your out-of-your-environment eyes and ears, a fresh voice that can help you to move your business forward with usable ideas and methods to carry them out.

Your Sounding Board can take you from here to there, sometimes in just eight hours. Yes! I turned a business around in eight hours! Using all or part of the 36-point process I’ve developed over the years while working with multinational corporations, non-profits, small businesses, and start-ups in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Asia, and South America, together we’ll make what is working even better or identify your issues or problems — sometimes what you think is your problem isn’t the problem at all! — and fix it quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, with common sense and rational easy-to-implement processes. We can fix your people, business operation, organization, and customer problems. Strategic. Easy. Fast. Cost-Sensitive. Common Sense. Rational.  Confidential. Your Sounding Board©.

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