Your Pathways to Impact©

Connections + Capacity + Collaboration = Impact

The Business Enhancement Strategies team has the expertise to provide oversight and coordination of internal, external, and organic programs, and grants. Simply, we protect program integrity, funding investments, and eliminate risk. We are conveners who build consensus for impact and results.

We represent our clients as an independent third party that works with funders, government entities, vendors, non-profit and grass roots organizations, etc., and with respect to county, state, and federal rule to provide funding protection, program protection, and reputation protection.

Funding protection

Program protection

Reputation protection

We do this by leveraging inter-and intra-county programs and impacts in the public sector as well as in private enterprises, creating systems for respective and collective measurements, and ensuring process and reporting compliance. We are highly skilled in the creation and management of community engagement and collaboration, program creation, monitoring and metrics, project management, and strategic counsel. We build productive relationships in complex environments. We remove the politics.

Our services are ideally suited for funding organizations that need accountability oversight, especially among disparate granted entities (i.e., multi-county funding recipients), government administrators, non-profit organizations without the capacity to meet grant obligations, and independent non-profit organizations that have collaborated in order to receive funding. We provide unique value in the tri-sector: funders, philanthropists, government units, as well as businesses focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We focus on productive efficiencies, including, but not limited to:

  • Program Management
  • Strategic Council
  • Fiscal Accountability
  • Collaborations for Impact
  • Program Creation
  • Consensus-Building
  • Work Processes
  • Counter-Competition Elimination
  • Closing Compliance Gaps
  • Monitoring and Measurement

In short, we have the global vision, strategic agility, and creativity to create the pathways to local community program reality and impact. We get projects from here to there. We create partnerships to avoid duplication of efforts and promote shared economies of scale. We make sure the projects get done, on time, on budget, on target.

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