Strategic Consulting Services

Change Management & Culture Transformation

Every business needs to calibrate, to make sure it is still in alignment with its values and strategy, that its strategy is still relevant, and that it has the right team in place. BES quickly and strategically helps clients ensure organizational and team alignment, with a focus on sustainability, capacity, growth, and consensus to get where the business needs to be.

Marketing Strategy, Planning, & Implementation

Your marketing strategy has to make sense, be realistic yet visionary, and be able to show desired results. BES has more than 40 years of success in creating and implementing marketing strategy that ensures business sustainment and growth.

Business Growth & Turnaround

Sounds simple. It’s not. But with BES it can be. BES is known for quickly honing in on what will create the best opportunity for growth, identifying the real issues and barriers that keep businesses from moving forward, and breaking down barriers to move businesses forward. BES has been known to turn a business around in eight hours!

Strategic Partnerships & Collaborations

BES is well-known for its ability to create collaborations within organizations and with diverse populations across the community spectrum that produce the most impact. BES is expert at bringing organizational and disparate groups together in consensus to achieve collectively beneficial outcomes.

Branding & Re-Branding

Your name and what you stand for are your life-lines. BES enhances or restores your competitive advantage by helping to ensure that your name, your people, your product, and your services become an integral part of the customer’s mindset and that you have the capacity to deliver on your promise to them. Services include strategy diagnostics, marketing strategies, public relations, process refinement, and target market programs.

Crisis Aversion, Mitigation, & Management

Avoiding crisis in the first place and managing it when it happens is a fine art. BES has developed and mastered a solid, effective approach to protecting you and your company before crisis, in times of crisis, and post-crisis. BES works with clients to make sure the business can operate and survive during a crisis. BES creates programs that enable clients to quickly and properly communicate with media, customers, and vendors, and serves as your liaison and representative as needed.

Business Visibility & PR

There are many ways to strategically and realistically keep your company front-and-center. And there are many ways to let your customers know about your products and services. BES does this strategically, quickly, creatively, efficiently, and effectively. BES gets your message out the right way at the right time. BES’ worldwide public relations experience blends a business approach with creativity and common sense to promote and protect your business.

Compliance & Board Management

Having served on more than 50 boards at the local, national, and global levels, BES understands how boards should be run and managed and is expert at board training. BES also ensures organizations are in compliance with governmental rules and regulations, providing counsel and methods for remaining in compliance.

Community Impact & Engagement

Dollars and time are precious. Every good business should want to be a force for good. BES helps companies develop their community focus, meaningful team engagement, make the appropriate connections, and ensure positive outcomes for those who need help the most as well as for the business and its team members.

Leadership Image

BES specializes in leadership positioning within and outside of the business. BES positions the leadership of your organization so that critical business relationships are established, enhanced, strengthened, and if needed, restored.

Case Studies

Turnaround Strategy, Change Management, Re-Branding, Organizational Revitalization

Issue: Failed foundation, assets dropped from >$50million to <$2million

Results: New processes in place to ensure best business practices as well as fund-raising standards compliance; increased assets to $14million in three years, annual gifts by 150%; donations increased from all stakeholder groups; board engaged and supportive of business.

Branding and Brand Reputation, Equity Protection, Crisis Aversion, Media Relations

Issue: Part of team that acquired a company and then divested it due to failed product

Results: Protected parent company brand and reputation; worldwide coverage of acquisition and product launch; successful brand roll-out in UK and France; created divestiture plan to sell business, became corporate model; limited media coverage at divestiture; managed media coverage due to litigation.

Organizational Crisis, Organizational Revitalization, Brand Equity Protection

Issue: Explosion of multi-billion dollar communications technology

Results: Successfully contained media until appropriate time for coverage, kept media engaged through relationships and strategic communication; created and implemented unprecedented customer launch event in French Guiana; retained customer loyalty throughout process and litigation period; earned worldwide press coverage of re-launch; enhanced employee satisfaction; enhanced customer satisfaction; no negative impact on investor relations side of business

Culture and Change Management, Brand Revitalization, Brand Equity Protection, Organizational Crisis

Issue: Missteps in merger resulting in negative media; customer defections; team member resignations; investor relations risk; brand jeopardy

Results: Successful re-branding and brand roll-out throughout Canada; high customer satisfaction, positive media relationships; increased customer loyalty base; employee retention and increases sales and revenue

Organizational Crisis, Culture Alignment, Change Management, Brand Protection

Issue:  Cultural missteps in Singapore global network management center; local talent refused to work at center; corporate team on bad terms with government; millions of dollars at risk; opening of center at risk

Results:  Reestablished relationships, ensured cultural compliance, all within four days. Center opened on time with Prime Minister at ribbon-cutting; extensive positive Asia media coverage; talent retained; immediate customer contracts 

Change Management

Issue: Small non-profit agency had non-functioning board and no way to sustain and grow the business

Results: Board re-organized and following process created for them; new culture of inclusiveness, collaboration, and giving

Change Management, Marketing, Turnaround Strategy, Merger Strategy, Brand Revitalization and Protection

Issue: Brought in to turn around failing lackluster hospital, with a particular focus on marketing and branding

Results: Increased market share by 13% in two years after no growth for more than five years; co-created physician enterprise organization of 32 PCPs and specialists within 18 months; successful merger roll-out

Change Management

Issue: Early-stage company hit process snag resulting in investment risk

Results: Created work teams to review, identify, and develop solutions to problems; created processes for business correction; got business back on track

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