When success is your only option, you need someone who thinks strategically, understands what it takes to manage and grow a business, and who is creative and resourceful.  Whether you are growing your business, want to restore your competitive edge in your industry and market, or want to enhance and strengthen parts or all of your company – then you need Business Enhancement Strategies.

Strategic Consulting

We offer a range of strategic consulting services focusing on change management, community impact, and marketing. Our expertise includes business growth and turnaround, business and marketing planning and strategy, change management, business sustainability, community impact, strategic partnerships and collaborations, branding and re-branding, crisis aversion and management, corporate culture transformation, and new product launches.

Your Sounding Board©

A no-nonsense, enlightening and creative experience that collaboratively produces innovative and rational ideas, goals and objectives, and impactful results. The end result should be a much clearer picture of how to achieve your goals and objectives, which can focus on funding, revenue growth, increased market share, branding, marketing, leadership development, and corporate culture.

Pathways to Impact©

Our team has the expertise to provide oversight and coordination of internal, external, and organic programs and grants. We represent our clients as an independent third party that works with funders, government entities, vendors, and non-profit and grass roots organizations, and do so with respect to county, state, and federal rule to provide funding protection, program protection, and reputation protection.

Making the right things happen. Together.