Business Enhancement Strategies Partner Sherri Sutton Presents Expert Instruction on Virtual Meetings

We are thrilled to add a new partnership course to our offerings!Learn how to use virtual tools and platforms to generate the same connection, collaboration, and magic that is generated from in person gatherings in From Room to Zoom and Beyond: The Technical Aspects of Moving Collaborative Sessions to Online Platforms

We will help you move your workshops, planning sessions, and summits to a virtual environment and give you the tools to plan, research, prepare, and choose your resources. We will even discuss how to setup your virtual workshop or event space.This Course is For: AI practitioners and AI students, consultants and coaches and anyone seeking to move an interactive experience from a physical environment to a virtual environment.

The Instructor:Sherri Sutton brings more than 25 years in the learning and development space and has worked in all areas of learning from instructional design to Learning Management System Administrator. Sherri is a Certified Professional in Talent Development, Certified AI Practitioner, Certified Reinvention Practitioner, and collaborative meeting exert. Sherri has taken her knowledge of the virtual meeting space and created tools such as The Meeting Mechanics Report, and ComNexus, and currently spends more than 75% of her time working in the virtual meeting space.

The Schedule:
August 5, 3:00 – 4:15 ET
August 12, 3:00 – 4:15 ET
August 19, 3:00 – 4:15 ET
August 26, 3:00 – 4:30 ET
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Marketing Direction Expands Team with Two Lead Marketers and a Lead Strategist

 by Christy Vogel

Tampa Bay, FL – July 13, 2020 – Marketing Direction is pleased to add three new team members. Marketing Direction has been experiencing unprecedented growth and needed to expand their team in order to serve their clients and set the stage for additional growth. Joining the team are Jan Baskin, Tina Cardoso and Debbie Radsick.President and Founder of the St. Petersburg-based marketing company, Christy Vogel, says, “Despite the challenges COVID-19 has created globally, we’ve seen a marked increase in client revenue. This stems from the realization that outsourced marketing firms can help address these challenging times with effective communication strategies. We are so pleased to add these three experienced and innovative women to our team.”

Jan Baskin joins the team as a Lead Strategist. Often referred to as a “barrier buster,” she brings vast experience in marketing strategy, business enhancement and turnaround and change management to the team. Recognized as a global expert, Jan is well-known for her networking prowess, building collaboration within complex environments and gaining consensus among influencers.

Tina Cardoso joins as a Lead Marketer, bringing years of marketing experience to the table. After 18 years in marketing, in early 2019 Tina launched her full-time photo studio, providing branding and marketing support to passionate business owners who want to take their company to the next level.

Debbie Radsick brings her experience in marketing to Marketing Direction as a Lead Marketer. She has over three decades of agency experience, including as owner, account/brand manager, creative director, production manager and print consultant. Debbie has worked with numerous B2B and B2C businesses in a variety of industries, including non-profit, finance, health care, real estate, agriculture, government, publications, insurance and retail.

Marketing Director’s Sr. Lead Marketer, Traci Tucker, commented on the team additions, saying, “We are in the midst of an exciting growth period. The addition of these three powerful and creative women will further our growth efforts. We welcome them to our team!”

To learn more about Marketing Direction, visit
Pleased to partner with Marketing Direction to provide strategic marketing counsel and services to its clients

BES Founder Jan Baskin Earns Certification in Post-Crisis Leadership

BES Founder and CEO Jan Baskin is now certified in Post-Crisis Leadership. Jan earned the certification from the University of South Florida Muma College of Business.

According to the USF Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education, “earners of the Post-Crisis Leadership Certificate have gained awareness and the capacity to provide successful leadership in the post-crisis economy”. The program had several key outcomes, including navigating the transition from the crisis to the new normal, recruiting, organizing, evaluating, and leading a resilient team, leveraging key data to model, analyzing, and visualizing multiple possible scenarios, and providing confident leadership.

“I am excited to be among the 8,000+ from more than 90 countries to earn the USF Muma College of Business Post-Crisis Leadership Certificate,” Jan said about the accomplishment. “This was a wonderful gift from USF. It is never too late to learn, and learn we did. It was great fun connecting with friends and meeting new ones in this community.”

How Do You Know You are Doing the Right Things the Right Way in Your New Now?

Throughout this turbulent time, there have been lots of ideas, lots of webinars, zoom meetings, articles, and lots of experts, all with their own agendas. It all has value. But what is the value for you and your business? How do you know what to do with all of this information? How do you even know if you should be doing any of this stuff? How do you know that you are going in the right direction in this new now, that will be constantly becoming a new now going forward? How do you know you are going to be making the right decisions?

Our only agenda is you and your business.

If you need help sorting through all of the ideas and options, getting your strategy realigned and knowing how to keep it aligned and agile for your new now, figuring out what will really work for you and your business, want clear and objective thought on identifying your new ways of doing business and how to execute quickly and effectively, then you need your own Sounding Board. We ask the questions no one else thinks to ask. We help you with the solutions that are specifically needed by your organization and by your customers and clients.

Using a 36-point process, Your Sounding Board © has moved businesses forward and turned them around, sometimes in as little as eight hours! Low cost. Fast, strategic redesign. Busting through barriers. Creating value. With Your Sounding Board, we’ll make the right things happen. Together.

For more information on how Your Sounding Board can help you keep your business sound, now and in the new now of the future, schedule a Your Sounding Board© consultation.

Creating Your “New Now”: Permanent Work From Home

Transitioning permanently from brick-and-mortar to work-from-home operation? Or just
thinking about it? You know you’ll save on overhead. You know from this pandemic that you can be just as if not more productive. But what about doing this on an ongoing basis? What does this really mean? How do you actually make this happen? Business Enhancement Strategies has created the entire process, asking the questions others don’t think of, ensuring a seamless transition that takes into account everything involving operations, employees, customers, logistics, internal/external supply chain, legal, insurance, compliance, accounting, marketing, strategy, etc. Contact BES to move forward in your new now with consistency and success.

Moving Your Business Forward During the COVID-19 Pandemic

What is your “new now” and what will your now look like going forward?

The effects on business from COVID-19 will be felt far into the future. We can’t really prepare for the unknown of a post-COVID-19 world, so we need to focus on operating your business within the COVID-19 environment in a way that will ensure your sustainability and growth.

There is a lot of information out there about what to do and how to get back to work. How do you know what is right for you, your business, your team, and your customers and clients?

At Business Enhancement Strategies, we provide fast turnaround with minimal investment. If you need to launch, re-launch, or fine-tune your business, we will work with you on a detailed yet simple analysis of your situation and develop a sensible strategy for and with you that can be realistically implemented. We’ll help you to make useful decisions. We’ve been known to turn a business around in eight hours!

Current Projects related to the New Now:

  • Client with 40 team members is permanently transitioning from an office-based to from-home based operation. Business Enhancement Strategies has created the entire process, asking the questions others don’t think of, ensuring a seamless transition that takes into account everything involving operations, employees, customers, logistics, internal/external supply chain, legal, insurance, compliance, accounting, marketing, etc. The strategic plan is in review and being modified, with attention to agility in meeting new business dynamics as they present themselves.
  • Total alignment review of business strategy with business status, modifications, as needed, with training on consensus building in a new now that will continue to evolve
  • Two strategic and operational plan reviews and counsel
  • Strategic Marketing planning meeting facilitation.

We help you with operational impact, efficiencies, and modification for your new now. We can show you how to stay focused and able to face and manage what will probably be a constantly changing business environment, now, and in the future.

Let Business Enhancement Strategies do what it does best, for you and for your customers and clients: enhance and grow your business–strategically, realistically, quickly, with common sense– and with minimum investment for a potentially large return.

  • Business Turnaround
  • Business Enhancement
  • Strategy Planning and Implementation
  • Marketing Strategy

Can you afford to not prepare for your new now? Contact us now to find out how!
Making the right things happen. Together.