A strong and smart leader knows that no one person can know everything needed to run, grow, and sustain a business. At Business Enhancement Strategies, we have aligned with trusted experts, advisors, and suppliers to ensure that our clients can benefit from the best support available in all ways possible.

Here are some of our partners who can provide additional support to BES clients*:

Sherri Sutton is a principal at Positive Impact Force. She is an expert in Appreciative Inquiry, virtual meetings, and meeting tools. She is certified in a multitude of areas that enable her to expertly focus on training the whole-system and specialize in front-line employee training to help the most important members of a staff connect their work to the vision and mission of the organization. She was and continues to be a driving force in the creation and implementation of Connect & Propel Tampa Bay, bringing out the best in our community to create a future that will benefit everyone.

Vera Anderson is a dynamic Legacy Coach.  She creates customized solutions for entrepreneurs, top performers, and the international business elite to reach their full potential in business and personal life, attain their next level, and create an intentional legacy every step of the way. Vera has developed a unique perspective and methodology that helps the C-Suite reach their potential every step of their way. She has also developed a unique process that enables executives to leave their legacy every step of the way, not just long after they are gone. Vera is changing the executive mindset that in turn creates sustainable business as well as personal growth.

Marketing Direction empowers businesses with strong executive-level experts without the burden of full-time executive overhead. Christy Vogel, Founder and CEO, has created the model for fractional marketing and strategy services.

New to the Tampa Bay area, Sidney Oster is a great photographer, especially for telling the business story in a visual way. He is very easy-going, has very positive suggestions, never stops until the shots are right.

*Business Enhancement Strategies, LLC, presents its partners and suppliers in good faith with no guarantees of accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the services provided by them outside of any official business arrangement with Business Enhancement Strategies, LLC. Users of these services outside of an official business arrangement with Business Enhancement Strategies, LLC, agree that Business Enhancement Strategies, LLC, will not be held liable for any and all business decisions and implementation made through third-party business arrangements that may result in adverse business conditions.