Community Good

Having served on more than 50 boards in the Tampa Bay area, nationally, and at the global level, doing good for communities is a hallmark of what Business Enhancement Strategies stands for: growing businesses so communities can grow. Strong businesses can provide the resources so those in need can receive much needed services in their communities. BES is currently supporting and involved with the following organizations – feel free to join us in our efforts.  Whatever your causes or interests-the arts, economic development, health, nutrition, education, etc.,  it’s in everyone’s best interests to support our communities. Please do good for your community!

Here are some of the organizations that we are involved with:

Health Access Connect links remote communities to health care. HAC sets up monthly, one-day health outreach clinics in remote villages of Uganda. People gain access to essential life-saving health services, including anti-retroviral treatment, maternal health services, malaria treatment, child checkups, and family planning.

Synapse enables innovators to find solutions for their needs and serves as a hub for an innovative community that needs and desires engagement. Synapse fosters a professional ecosystem where innovative individuals collide with businesses to connect and grow.

The Tampa Bay Healthcare Collaborative works to promote and advance the health and wellness of those underserved through the methods of fostering relationships, building organizational capacity, and promoting access to health and healthcare services.

Connect & Propel Tampa 2019 was a community gathering with hundreds of diverse voices throughout Tampa Bay that came together for 2.5 days and discussed what we wanted for the future of Tampa. Twenty-one Workgroups and eight subgroups were formed to talk about what a positive future looks like and where we wanted to start working to make that a reality. You can jump in and join a workgroup at any time!

Humana Bold Goal is a population health strategy focused on both community and business integration to improve the clinical and social health outcomes of its members.

Susan Jacobs created Wheels of Success 17 years ago, seeing firsthand the barriers to success and independence due to a lack of reliable and safe transportation. She repairs and presents donated cars to working families. To date, she has presented more than 1000 cars, providing a way for working families to be independent and self-sufficient.